PMDI Signs provides custom branding solutions in the form of signage, architectural graphics, wayfinding systems, and installations. 

Our ideology

Our process employs a comprehensive, “whole view” approach to design, diverse collective of professionals, and exploration and mastery of materials. This ideology fuels our commitment to producing inventive and successful environmental branding solutions for businesses and organizations alike.

Conceptual Approach

Our design approach is similar to that of a sculptor: because a sculpture is viewed from all angles, all views must be developed simultaneously. Pay more attention to one view and other areas become undeveloped,thus making the sculpture unsuccessful. If we were to concentrate on just the content of directional signs, we'd solve the way finding considerations. However, ignoring the signs' appearance strips focus from the signs' readability, brand communication, and immersion into a desired environment.

By adhering to this whole-view conceptual approach, we provide design solutions that elicit a positive, resonant impact on the viewer. 


Collective of Professionals 

We employ professionals in Landscape Architecture, Fine Arts, Architecture, and Graphic Design, all holding a wide variety of sign industry-related experience. Combining the talents and abilities of these experts provides our clients with the finest - and most innovative - in design, fabrication, and installation. 


Exploration of materials

Deemed “The Mad Scientists of Displays,” we demonstrate fearlessness in our exploration of materials. This stance, combined with years of comprehensive fabrication and installation experience, lays the groundwork for creating distinguished, successful sign programs unique to the brand and the environment.